Javascript who? Airemushalookashure, I guess I’ll take one ^_^

Howdy Internet, tis December 15th 2009, and as my brother pointed out, only 15 more sleeps till Santa =],

Well the new site’s finally finished and I have to say that learning javascript isn’t actually all that bad once you get past the start and the functions and commands become more familiar.

So I present to all of you on this vast Interweb of ours my latest creation:

All entirely created in Photoshop and coded by hand and no use of Dreamweaver’s built-in commands, despite the temptations.

(Click on the picture to enlarge)


BLAARRRG!!!!!!!! The woes of rendering =O

Working on some stuff for Audio and Video as I’m shooting tomorrow morning and figured seeing as final cut’s predicted render time is increasing as opposed to decreasing I should productivly blog about my woes instead of trolling YouTube and clogging up my ram=p

So without further ado the finished jpeg logo for my short film:

(Click on the image for a full sized downloadable version)


And there’s also this:

‘About 15 minutes’, yeah sure what ever Final Cut. You’ve lied to me for the last time, when I started this render I was quoted ‘About 6 minutes’ I’ve become disillusioned with Apple’s process timing system =[

Well my fellow webterneter’s it’s been fun ranting but alas I have to dash, my coffee cup is empty and it ain’t going to fill itself.


Justin P

Web Design 1 – Basic: Rational

Subject: Web Design 1 – Basic

Tutor: Owen Gallagher

Title: Creative Photography Portfolio Website

Student: Justin Preisler


For this project we were asked to create a website ‘Displaying the work of a professional photographer.’

I have decided to design a site for a photographer of Urban Street Art or as it’s more commonly know Graffiti. The site will be a relatively simple design focusing more on usability however the style and look of the site will be carefully composed to either match the content or create an aesthetically pleasing contrast.

The logo will be composed of two colours, initial ideas into it’s design lead to using mostly negative space typography to create the lettering and a centre character in a bright primary color to draw attention to the studio’s name and make it jump off the screen. Other ideas involve creating simple yet visually appealing lettering and designing it to look like a sketch.

The actual look of the website will be a very minimalistic design so as not to take away from the content. Use of large amounts of ‘White Space’ will allow the creation of a design that won’t distract from the sites content while at the same time creating a very striking image.

The site is to contain five pages: Home, About, Portfolio, News and Contact. The small amount of pages allows for the possibility of designing each page differently while maintaining an overall all style. This will also set it aside from other similar sites on the internet who would mainly have each page looking practically the same due to use of CSS design.